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Now is a good time to start thinking about "Revolutionary Renewable Energy"

    There are many benefits of having a renewable energy system at your place of residence. These systems reduce air pollution and our dependency on the earth's finite fossil fuel resources.  This also makes them advantageous to our national security.  These systems insulate it's owners from forcasted energy cost hikes in the future.  Also a renewable energy system is an investment with guaranteed energy savings, because your system will produce roughly the same amount of energy each year regardless of what the cost of electricity goes to.
    There is no better time than now to start considering a renewable energy system for your home or farm.  Systems have come down in price substantially in the last 5 years.  There are now federal tax credits that equal 30% of the cost of a renewable energy system and North Dakota state tax credits cover 15% as well.

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We can help you  recieve over 30% off a renewable energy system with federal and state tax credits!

We offer free site Evaluations!

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About Us

We are a North Dakota company that offers affordable renewable energy solutions on a residential scale for North Dakota.  With our knowledge and experience we can work with you to find and design a renewable energy system that is right for you.  That means we’ll take care of  you and your system from start to finish.  Our company offers three types of renewable energy systems.  If you are interested in one of them  please give us a call for a free site evaluation.

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